Monday, October 18, 2010

Last Stop- Ideas For Scrapbookers Blog Hop

Hey everyone, it's Pam on my personal blog!! Have you been having a blast participating in the blog hop? I hope so!! This is your last stop on the hop.

Today I am sharing with you my favorite digital tutorials. They are very helpful and I can't wait to share them!!

1. Heather created a great tutorial on working with overlays in PSE. She has a step by step guide on how to achieve this! You can see it here.
2. I created a tutorial about adding the blue sky back to the photos (when photography makes the sky white)! You can see my PSE tutorial here.
3. Heather shared a great tutorial in PSE on how to turn the photo black and white and still keep color! I love using this technique! You can see it here!
4. Last but not least, I created this easy tutorial for PSE on how to add a vignette on your photo! You can see it here.

I hope you have enjoyed the blog hop :)
Remember you can visit any of the other blogs at anytime!!
Ideas For Scrapbookers:

Have a great day!