Friday, December 30, 2011

A New Post (after a long break!!)

Hi everyone, I know I haven't updated this blog in forever.. my apologies! I got super busy last year and this past year I have had some medical issues and didn't scrap for a matter of months. I am wondering if anyone will be reading this since it has been a year and a half since I last posted.. yikes!!!!!!

Here is my health story from last year. I developed a pain in my lower abdomen early 2011. They doctors were trying to figure out what it was... at first they thought it was a cyst on my ovary. I am so lucky that turned out to be benign and it shrunk. The they tested me for food allergies (sensitivities) and it turns out I was very sensitive to wheat, gluten, all dairy, beef, lamb, egg whites, mustard, pineapple and a few beans types. So I had to cut out all of those foods.. that made me feel better but I was still having pain. Finally they tested me for a incurable bladder disease called Intersticial Cystitis (you can read about it here) b/c of the fact that I had to use the bathroom a lot and I fit the diagnosis. It was hard to get that diagnosis but after changing my diet even more to mostly low or no acid foods, drinking mostly water, a little herbal tea, a bit of low acid coffee, and taking a medicine to help build up my bladder lining, I feel much better. So I guess I might be blogging again! I still blog at my other blog quite a lot, Ideas for Scrapbookers.

Speaking of scrapbooking, I have started scrapping again after taking a break. I am getting back to what I LOVE doing.. graphic pages. Here are a few from late 2011 that I have done that were fun to create!

Anyway, I hope to keep this updated a little bit better... thanks for reading!