Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Saturdays are Family Fundays!

Hi all, sorry I haven't updated the blog in a while. It's me totally slacking! Today I am going to share about how we have turned Saturdays into fun family days. Just about every Saturday the three of us do something fun! It is really good bonding time and that allows us to have Sundays be about God, church and the day of relaxation.
Here are a ton of ideas on how we spend our Saturdays. I am splitting these up into general and then seasonal to make it easier to follow. I hope you will consider designating your Saturdays to family days :)

Anytime of the year activities:
Movie (we usually chose G movies that Sean will love)
Find a game store to go to
Children's museum
OR any museum :)
Find a place with scrapbook store for me and game store for guys.. then go to dinner together

Winter Activities:
Ice skating
Have a snowball fight or build a fort

Spring Activities (mostly late spring):
Butterfly house
Visit a garden with spring blooms
Visit a college campus... Go into town, walk around campus and enjoy local restaurants
Walk around on a local trail/biking

Summer Activities:
Water Park
Beach or quarry
Fair or carnival
Renaissance Festival (or any festival)

Fall Activities:
Pumpkin Picking
Apple Picking
Tractor Ride
Go to park and see all of the pretty colors (when leaves are changing)
Harvest Festivals