Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 in Review

Hi all since I never updated my blog for the past year :blush: here are some of the highlights and not so highlights from 2011..
1. The beginning of the year Kevin was still recovering from his shattered wrist that he got falling on while playing soccer. He had to have a plate put in his arm. Luckily that healed completely!
2.  The winter was never ending but we tried to take advantage of it sledding a few times.. here is a winter photo to share!

3. Sean turned 9 on March 27. It was a great birthday and he had a bowling party!
4.  The spring came around and Sean enjoyed finishing up 3rd grade.  He was overjoyed when summer came around. He went to a bowling camp for a week and a water camp which he LOVED!!
5. In June we had to put our Great Dane to sleep due to her bad hips. We were all heartbroken :(

6.  We spent the summer going on little trips when I was feeling ok. My last post tells about how I wasn't feeling good for a lot of 2011.  We all went to the children's museum, Ann Arbor, MI, Toledo Zoo, Detroit Zoo, Frankenmuth, MI, the Michigan Renaissance Festival, and the county fair. We also spent a ton of the summer at the pool.
7. In July we headed to Chicago to help my mom out after my dad got a double knee replacement surgery.  While we were there Sean and Kevin went to Legoland. My dad is doing well with his knees now.

8. Sean started school back in 4th grade!! I still can't believe I have a 4th grader!
9. We got a new dog in early September. His name is Olliver (Ollie) and he is our Whippet puppy. He is so sweet, loving, and fast!!!

10.  As fall came around we thoroughly enjoyed all of the fun things to do in fall like apple picking, picking out our pumpkins, and looking at the fall colors change! Sean dressed up as Thor for Halloween.

11. Thanksgiving was fun, my parents and sister and her family came to celebrate the holiday with us! :)
12. We spent a quiet Christmas here in town with my parents. It was nice to go to our church Christmas Eve and celebrate with a candlelight service!

That is about it for 2011.. 


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  1. oh Pam, thanks for that fun walk through your past year! Nice photos! I am blogging about dogs tomorrow so stop in and see my Patti! I love your new baby, wow, so cute!