Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I am 37 today (well yesterday I turned 37). I am really not big on birthdays.. but I thought it would be fun to list 37 things you might not know about me. Play along on your blog, just make sure you use your birthday number and not mine.. if you like post a link to your post :)

1. I am actually very shy in real life. I suffer from a bit of social anxiety.. can you tell?
2. I met my husband, Kevin in Florida where I moved to to be with my ex-boyfriend. Kevin also moved to Florida be with his ex-girlfriend from New Jersey!
3. My son has Autism but he inspires me every single day on how social he is becoming ;)
4. I own a Great Dane, Daphne, and German Shepherd, Gabby. I also own two kitties.
5. I find inspiration from the tiniest things like super market shelves. Yes, I totally do!
6. I got my degree in Biology and went to one year of Optometry School which I decided wasn't for me.
7. I have one sister, Deb, who lives in Canada! She is married and has two children.
8. I am very close to my parents, in fact they are coming here this weekend.
9. In reference to #8, they are bringing the BEST cake from a bakery in the suburbs of Chicago. I totally love cake!!
10. I am a follower of Jesus. Have been since I was 22!
11. I love a clean house.. the floors and bathrooms have to be cleaned at all times. I am obsessive about that.
12. I got over an eating disorder a few years ago...
13. I stay up very late.. usually to 1 or 2 am.
14. My mother-in-law lives in New Jersey! We are close to her.
15. I swam competitively almost my whole childhood.
16. I love to run, although my ankle won't let me anymore.
17. I love all things sweet. I can't seem to get enough of them. My favorite is a Caramello Bar!
18. My best friend growing up and I used to play "bride and groom." I was always the bride!
19. I went to college at Indiana U. I was a hoosier for four years!
20. I hate reading books but loving reading magazine.
21. I would rather have a quiet evening at home with my family then going out somewhere.
22. I love fast food, although I try to limit myself to it once or twice a week.
23. A sandwich I used to ALWAYS eat was a croissant, cream cheese, and alpha sprouts.
24. My favorite movies are Bend It Like Beckham, A Walk to Remember and The Lord of the Rings movies.
25. I love being a SAHM... it is the best job :)
26. My favorite colors are aqua blue, sky blue, and lime green.
27. I never thought I would start my own blog!!
28. We love going to the zoo. We go there at least four times a year!
29. I love scalloped punches, scalloped papers, and scalloped scissors. They rock!
30. I have probably 15 albums or more down stairs all filled.
31. I have brown eyes. I used to hate them but have grown to like them.
32. I hate morning .. especially very early in the morning.
33. Coffee might be my favorite drink along with Meijer Diet Grape Soda!
34. My husband and I have made up 100's of nicknames for the pets. We also make up songs.
35. I don't really know how to use my cell phone other than for talking.
36. I love to wear sweatshirt, even in the summer!
37. I love my family so much!!!

Hope you have enjoyed reading this!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday, Pammy!!!! :)

  2. wow...great list. love learning so much more about you. I don't think I could come up with as many things about myself as I am years old, so pass. lol

  3. these are all so fun and I knew everyone but #33 lol

  4. Happy Birthday Pam!!! This is a great list and I like knowing more about you!

  5. Happy Birthday. I love that you made a list of 37 things about you. I might have to borrow this idea for my 45th. OUCH

  6. Love the list! Your blog looks great! I finally made it here!!!

  7. Loved reading about you! I am the same as #1!!! I think that is one reason I love blogging. It's easier for me.... Happy late birthday!