Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3rd Grade!

I can't believe my little guy is in 3rd grade... it seems like times is flying by and years go by faster and faster. I still remember when Sean was a baby and then a toddler! And now, well, he is midway through primary school! When I pick him up from school, his class is in the middle of the gym rather than the right side.. he is moving up! :)
Here a few photos of the first day!

Hope you are having a great week!!



  1. Great photos! I wish I had taken these every year--don't know why I didn't! Now, my baby is 16, and it seems like just yesterday he was in 3rd grade!

  2. great photos! They grow to fast.. my daughter is starting kindergarten next week... shesh where has the time gone???

  3. He is growing up so fast Pammy! Super cute photos of him too!

  4. Pam, I love your photos!!! Your son is getting so big!!! To cute!!!